A Camper’s Breakfast

April 23, 2011

It’s amazing what you can do with no kitchen. Take this array of bagels and breakfast sandwiches cooked up while camping at Coachella as the perfect example.

Bagels, Toast, Eggs & Tomatoes

Bagel Sandwiches

Hello, Spring

April 6, 2011

Inspired by the weekend sunshine, I took a trip to Zabars, my local gourmet food store, and stocked up on all sorts of fresh and colorful fruit to make a breakfast bruschetta for friends to enjoy. Slicing a loaf of whole grain bread from the farmer’s market, I spread mascarpone cheese and Zabar’s cranberry spread, topping off with sliced papayas and mangos. On the side, a beets and bean salad.

Breakfast Bruschetta and Zabar's Cranberry Spread

Beets & carrots marinated in vinegrette, carbanzo beans, walnuts, olive oil and garlic oil

Eggs & Toast

March 13, 2011

For me, nothing quite beats spending a morning in the city eating eggs and toast in the comfort of a bright and sunny apartment. My friends invited me over to Roosevelt Island while they used some fresh farmer’s market ingredients to cook up breakfast.

Sausage, Eggs, Toast and Tomatoes

It’s Not Winter Yet

December 10, 2010

Although the cold temperatures have arrived, it’s not officially winter for another week and a half. I love breakfast, and everything about it… the apple cinnamon crepes and bacon, the chocolate croissants and fresh fruits, and accessorizing with leaf napkin rings one last time this season.

Leaves, Lemons & Limes

Tea, chocolate croissants, apple cinnamon crepes and bacon