A Camera in the Kitchen is a blog dedicated to the art of photography, dining and celebrating life with friends and family. For further information feel free to contact me at acamerainthekitchen@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you!

5 Responses to “About”

  1. susan Says:

    I love the pics that you took at the lot on tap of our truck and roll. I would love to use them and of course give you credit. Would you be game to send me the high res file of the two pics juxtaposed? There is a lobster roll in it or you!

  2. carol smith Says:

    Hi Michelle, Had lunch with your mom today(used to work with her at LE) and she told us about your website. Had to take a peek, and your pictures are amazing. We decided next time you are in town you need to take some pictures where we ate. Hafners on Buckly Rd. “Jolime Cafe.’ What a great life you are living, congratulations on everything you,ve done. Carol Smith

  3. Edwin Says:

    These are really amazing photographs! Do you freelance?

    • maheimerman Says:

      Hi Edwin! Thank you! The work on the site is a combination of mine, as well as my friend and contributing photographer, Donna, who has done the recent features on Prague. We both do freelance work. If you’re interested in further information, feel free to email us at acamerainthekitchen@gmail.com.
      Thanks! Michelle

  4. Annie Greenwood Says:

    I enjoy your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award to raise awareness to your blog. Hope you don’t mind! Details here: http://limehousefood.wordpress.com/

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