Italian Chicken Noodle Soup

January 12, 2011

I couldn’t have had a better morning waking up to the sun shining brightly on all the newly fallen snow across the city. It’s a perfect day for a cup of homemade chicken noodle soup.

Combining my favorite ingredients from the traditional chicken noodle and Italian wedding, you get a fantastic mix of the best. I brown chicken, add in the chicken stock and water, and allow to cook for an hour and a half. Then putting in the vegetables- carrots, celery, kale and onions, I cook until tender. Next step is removing the chicken, debone it and add a box of pastina. Finally for the Italian wedding part, I take dime-sized cooked meatballs, stir in the mix and there you have a delicious bowl of soup.

My father's soup recipe made with chicken, mini meatballs, carrots, pastina, kale and some seasoning

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