Kaz An Nou

March 27, 2011

After leaving an opening yesterday for Jane Talcott and John Lloyd’s, Prospect Park Landscapes exhibition in Park Slope, the girls and I ventured down to Kaz An Nou, an intimate little French Caribbean restaurant in Prospect Heights. The food was delicious, the atmosphere home-like and the chef/owner Sebastien, came out himself to take our orders and give us the full description on how every dish was made uniquely with the flavors of the French Caribbean.

Poire et Bleu, maple roasted pear with bleu cheese

Dombrés Crevettes, traditional Guadeloupe shrimp and dumplings and Ratatouille Exotique, squash, zucchini and eggplant in spicy pineapple tomato sauce, served with plantains

Poulet l'Estragon, smoked jerk chicken breast with goat cheese, tarragon and honey sauce

One of the dessert specials for the evening, spicy chocolate cake with coconut frosting

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