Donna D. A Vegetarian No More – Prague Part 1

January 24, 2012

Another feature story from Donna D. Read about her week of travels as she ate her way through Prague…

After 15 years of vegetarianism I decided to relinquish my duties as a plant eater and jump face first into the land of Beer and Meat – Prague. I started my journey at Lokál for some traditional Czech cuisine and made on-site beer. The interior was reminiscent of the 80’s, long wooden cafeteria benches and child-like doodles sketched onto the walls. The food and unpasteurized beer was tasty, filling, and cheap. It was the perfect spot to kick-off my 5 day meat eating and beer drinking gluttonousness adventure in Prague.

Prazdroj Beer

Homemade Bread & Wall Art

Goulash from Beef Cheeks

Prague Ham


All You Can Eat Potato Dumplings

Saint Vitus Cathedral

Special "Talián" Sausage by the Dolejší Family, Horseradish, and Mustard

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