Kicking the cold at Kampa – Prague Part 3

January 26, 2012

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Having gone to school in upstate New York and growing up in Massachusetts cold temperatures had always been a way of life for me. So when I saw that it was 23 degrees outside I figured NBD. But after about 15 minutes of being outside without any gloves I quickly remembered how much I disliked winter so I opted to spend the day “site-seeing” from a heated interior, Kampa Park. The restaurant is located on Kampa Island and overlooks Certovka canal, the Vltava River and Charles Bridge. I spent hours staring outside watching the city go by while feasting on Rudolf I mean reindeer, halibut (best I’ve ever had and cooked absolutely perfectly), and chocolate fondant. The food was pricey but nonetheless amazing and the view was magical.

Saddle of reindeer with pumpkin soufflé, topinambur, cranberries and cardamom sauce

Marek Raditsch - Executive Chef of entire Kampa Group


Vltava River

Olive oil poached halibut with black truffles, crispy bacon, potato mash with French mustard, and vegetable foam

Charles Bridge

Pumpkin soufflé

Chocolate fondant with beetroot sorbet, dark bread ice cream, and toffee espuma

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