The finale at La Finestra – Prague Part 6

February 2, 2012

Before I said good-bye to Prague I had to cross just one more restaurant off my list, La Finestra in Cucina. The restaurant features an open kitchen where you can observe Chef Tomáš Černý whip up some classic Italian dishes. He also offers cooking and sommelier classes which if I had more time I would have loved to try. Instead, I enjoyed buttery tender short ribs. No knife was needed and the mustard sauce that accompanied it offered the perfect tang to undercut the richness of the meat. Besides mastering the short rib, La Finestra also makes a mean crispy fried zucchini. When you bite into it there is still a slight crunch and the batter doesn’t fall off (a big pet peeve of mine with fried food).

My trip to Prague was an unforgettable experience filled with good food and company. Thank you for checking out my trip!

Slowed cooked beef ribs with gratinated pecorino onions and mustard sauce


Crispy fried zucchini

Statue of Saints Norbert of Xanten, Wenceslas and Sigismund on Charles Bridge

Organic breast of chicken cooked in sousvide with parmesan - egg yolk potato mash and morel sauce

Prague sky

La Finestra's open kitchen

Cooks in the kitchen & Prague Castle

Chocolate muffin with berries

Prague at sunset

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