Life is too Short to Eat Cheap Chocolate

May 21, 2012

Here’s a little post from Donna D on desserts!

I don’t consider anything to be dessert unless it is chocolate and am usually happiest when I am consuming it. I don’t waste precious calories on any type of chocolate. For starters “white chocolate” is an insult to the chocolate family and should seriously be renamed and second of all I really can’t stomach generic mass produced chocolates. At the end of the day, life is too short to eat cheap chocolate. If you share my proclivities, you should be stopping by Mast Brothers Chocolate in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their chocolate is orgasmic. My favorite is their Maine Sea Salt which is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. If for some reason [which I really could never understand] you don’t care for chocolate, visiting their factory is an experience in itself. You get to see the entire chocolate making process from bean to package. Speaking of package; I am in love with their packaging and design. I seriously couldn’t get enough of this place and can you believe that I just happened to stumble upon it?

Mast Brother Chocolate Factory

Samples of Chocolate

Mast Brothers Double-Chocolate Cookie

Mast Brothers Baker

Bags of Cacao Beans & San Martin Chocolate Samples


Chocolate Making Machinery

Mast Brothers Double-Chocolate Cookie & Truffles

Mast Brothers Assorted Chocolate Bars


3 Responses to “Life is too Short to Eat Cheap Chocolate”

  1. Khris Sellin Says:

    Love Mast Brothers, and I enjoy all your posts & pictures! 🙂

  2. Zen Says:

    Agreed. People often wonder why I spend a lot of money on fancy chocolate when I can get the regular market one (not that I dislike them), but they don’t really appreciate the awesomeness that is chocolate.

    And I wish we had that place around here! They seem to have really great combinations!

  3. I would be going home with that almonds and sea salt bar. Lovely packaging, and great photos!

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