Cake Bake & Roll

August 22, 2011

This cute little bistro, Cake Bake & Roll, in Long Branch, NJ, was the perfect stop for breakfast after a beach weekend with girl friends. Its Euro-style with a colorful 50’s disco flair is just as fun as the desserts themselves. And if it’s too early in the day for sweets, the bagels and breakfast sandwiches are a good alternate.

Some of their fun loving cake options



Sesame bagel with cream cheese

Ninety Acres at Natirar

April 12, 2011

I spent Sunday afternoon taking in the fresh air of a countryside farm and indulging in some fine dining all at the same time. Having the honor of getting the full tour of Natirar, a 500-acre property in Somerset County, New Jersey, I certainly kept myself busy in an attempt to explore and taste as much as I could. An ongoing project that will include not only dining, but spas, pools and accommodations, the first phase is currently complete and ready for diners. At the restaurant known asĀ Ninety Acres, Food & Wine’s Best new chef of 2011 for the New York area, David Felton, prepared what seemed like endless amazing dishes until we couldn’t eat anymore. Aside from the food, I couldn’t leave out photographs of the old manor house, with it’s classic antique decor, it’s the perfect venue for an elegant wedding or event.

The farm at Natirar

Natirar Beet Salad with baby lettuces, goat cheese, hazelnut granola & cocoa balsamic and tomatoes growing in the greenhouse

Paprika Rubbed Grilled Octopus with meyer Lemon, baby romaine, parmesan & garlic confit

The Dining Room

Organic Risotto with saffron, sundried tomato, crispy porchetta & fried herbs

Wine & Dine

Imperial Wagyu Steak Tartare with chimichurri, picked red onions, two-hour yolk & frico

Interior of the Manor House

Wood Fired Pizza special of the day-Parmesan flat bread, prosciutto & arugula

Griggstown Quail with chili-apricot compote & brown butter brioche

Farmer's Plates on the menu