From Donna D: Frostbite & Freaks

February 14, 2012

A little over 2 ½ months ago I started drinking the CrossFit cool-aid and decided to participate in LIC’s CrossFit 2nd Annual Frostbite Competition. Most of my friends thought I was coo coo for cocoa puffs to want to spend a Saturday freezing my tuches off while performing a variety of exercises in a muddy half-frozen abandoned lot outside. I sure do love me a good challenge. The workouts were HARD and the cold made them that much HARDER. But I survived and really appreciated all the support and camaraderie of the other athletes, coaches, judges, and spectators.  Everyone was wicked awesome but let’s not forget about the food. Yes I am that girl that shows up to a fitness competition eager to check-out the food and FOODfreaks couldn’t have been a more fitting food truck. They were serving up warm and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, chillis, and side-dishes like crispy fried brussel sprouts. I definitely need to pay them a visit (perhaps when it is a tad warmer out) at their FortGreenePark location in Brooklyn.

Double unders & Food Freak Chili

Hungry crossfitters lining up at the Food Freak truck

Short rib grilled cheese sandwhich & Ground to overhead with dumbbell

Short ribs, gruyere, pickled red onions, balckberry jam, and watercress on sourdough

“The Human Snowflake” (Workout 3) & Chilli topped with cilantro

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