Perfect for a Picnic

April 19, 2012

When I was back in Syracuse browsing through Wegmans, I discovered a combo for the perfect snack. Their fresh apple cider bread, with actual pieces of baked apple throughout, is amazing enough eating it alone. But topped off with brie and a nut/raisin spread made it complete. Easy enough to pack in your picnic basket the next time you’re looking for an outdoor snack.

I’m off to Maine for a few days to shoot those beautiful New England coastal towns and delicious local seafood fare. Be back next week! x

Apple Cider Bread

Brie and nuts spread

Apple Cider bread with brie and nut spread

FIELD Beef Jerky

March 5, 2012

A few months back I introduced you to my friends’ new all-natural beef jerky, FIELD. In the months following, they’ve grown tremendously, distributing nationwide and becoming ever more popular. Saturday afternoon we all met in Williamsburg at Moon River Chattel, an enchanting antique shop near the waterfront that is filled with inspiring treasures and the perfect backdrop for our shoot. Capturing not only the uncut beef jerky, it was fun to shoot the other ingredients and spices used in their three flavors, Original No. 3, Honey Spice No. 11 and Teriyaki No. 23.  To keep up with their latest news visit their facebook pagewebsite or get yourself to the grocery store for a taste!

Original No. 3

Ginger root and other ingredients

Jerky and spices

No preservatives, added MSG or nitrates

Ginger root

Original No. 3

Garlic and Dube Putz homemade red pepper flakes

Honey Spice No. 11

Beef jerky

Jerky and spices

Photo Montage of the day

Food at Fashion Week

February 11, 2012

I walked down to Lincoln Center this morning to check out what New York Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collections had to offer. While one doesn’t normally feature food over fashion at the shows, I of course scoured the tents to find cute giveaways I could photograph. No Starbucks this season, but I grabbed one of NYFW’s signature Diet Pepsi skinny cans with an adorable napkin and straw designed by Jonathan Adler. I may have to collect a few more of these straws this week. They’d make for the perfect Fourth of July or Memorial Day drink accessory. And for a quick fix snack, the free Fiber One bars were the perfect bite.

I’d also like to announce that I’ve finally joined the world of Twitter. All the meals in between those shot for the blog will be posted and shared! You can follow me @camerainkitchen. Have a wonderful weekend! x

Ruffian & Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi

Fiber One Bar

Diet Pepsi and Ruffian

Diet Pepsi

Fiber One Bar