Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

Before the hustle and bustle of the biggest cooking day of the year begins, why not treat yourself to a relaxing cup of tea. Using some of my mother’s ingredients for her cranberry salad, I added fresh squeezed oranges, cranberries and cloves to my orange spice tea. The vintage spoon was a recent purchase from Love Adorned, an adorable lifestyle boutique in Nolita.

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back this weekend to share some fun post-turkey leftover festivities!

Thanksgiving Morning Tea




Uptown’s Nostylgia

October 13, 2011

My friend and I couldn’t resist a bike ride along the river on Sunday, and decided to quench our thirst at Nostylgia, just north of the Cloisters. This Uptown neighborhood, Inwood, was my weekend hotspot, and there’s still so much to explore, so I’ll likely be going back for another visit soon. Nostylgia, known as the “New American Classic” is part tea lounge, part men’s apparel, and has some of the best tea selections I’ve ┬áseen. I thought for a good 5 minutes before I could decide what to try. Going with an Iced Elderberry, I was more than satisfied with my choice, and with a less sweet option, my friend got the Iced Black African Kenyan. Lucky for us, they had a yard sale going on with all sorts of amazing vintage finds. For $1, I purchased two art deco tea plates I can’t wait to use for my next food shoot.

Gourmet tea menu


Elderberry Iced Tea


Preparing our drinks

It’s Not Winter Yet

December 10, 2010

Although the cold temperatures have arrived, it’s not officially winter for another week and a half. I love breakfast, and everything about it… the apple cinnamon crepes and bacon, the chocolate croissants and fresh fruits, and accessorizing with leaf napkin rings one last time this season.

Leaves, Lemons & Limes

Tea, chocolate croissants, apple cinnamon crepes and bacon