I Heart NY

November 11, 2011

This morning was one of those, “I love NY” moments while I was walking to work. The sun was out, the fall colors at their peak, and I just finished shooting last night’s dinner. Part II of my autumn pasta is finally here. I tossed together the pasta with olive oil, some seasonal herbs and goat cheese, adding in arugula, almonds, raisins, apple chardonnay chicken sausage and topped it with asiago cheese.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fresh arugula

Salted almonds

Pasta with Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage and Arugula

Salted almonds and raisins

A Vegetarian Combo

June 2, 2011

Last night for dinner, my roommate, Genni cooked up one of her wonderful vegetarian dishes; a pesto pasta salad with arugula and parmesan cheese and veggie balls. To get a bit eccentric with the menu, we added Wakame, or roasted seaweed as an appetizer to hold us over before the meal was ready.

Veggie Balls and Pesto Pasta Salad

Wakame (roasted seaweed)