A Dish for Grandma

February 3, 2012

I’ve spent the past few weeks Upstate with my grandmother during her final days, and with my family once she passed away. Now that I’m back to work, I’m looking forward to getting my food shoots up and running again. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my return than with a tribute to the amazing woman she was. One of her favorite meals was pasta and meatballs, an Italian classic that happens to be one of my favorites as well. I had so much fun pairing the vibrant red sauce with some old B&Ws of my grandmother and her sisters on their 4th of July holiday in the city circa 1941.

My Aunt Nici and Grandma sightseeing in NY


Aunt Flory, Aunt Nici and Grandma getting off the subway


Grandma, Aunt Nici, Aunt Flory in the park


Aunt Nici, Grandma and Aunt Flory strolling down Broadway

A Taste of Russia

January 22, 2012

Last weekend while up in Washington Heights we made a stop to a Russian specialty food shop, Moscow on the Hudson, to prepare for a dinner in celebration of the traditional Russian Old New Year. A friendly small shop, the cashier and a customer were chatting at the counter when they gave us all the insider tips needed to have a successful meal. After I explained I was going to photograph the dinner, they even gave me a traditional Russian cuisine calendar as a gift, and made sure I left with everything I needed. Top on the list was Pelmeni Sibirian, Russian style ravioli with Lithuanian sour cream, and Vareniki stuffed with cheese, similar to the Polish pierogi. They also recommended we get a side of the Russian beet salad, sausage and their milk cookies for dessert. Приятного аппетита!

Russian raviolis, ring pretzels and sausage

Pretzels and Russia's version of salsa

Beet Salad

Vareniki and sour cream

Beet salad and ring pretzels

Raviolis and pickles



Bleu Evolution

January 15, 2012

I ventured uptown to the neighborhood I explored last summer, but have yet to familiarize myself with all the hidden gems, like Bleu Evolution. An eccentric restaurant tucked into Manhattan’s Washington Heights, it has great brunches without the typical Saturday crowds and lines found further downtown. We were able to relax with some great tunes and enjoy hearty omelettes, duck and potatoes.

Duck confit with potatoes, peppers and poached eggs


Duck confit with potatoes, peppers and poached eggs


Broccoli and feta omelette and a Bloody Mary


Bacon and cheddar omelette

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

January 10, 2012

My friend and I recently checked out the Carsten Holler exhibit at the New Museum (which I recommend), and finished off our afternoon with tacos from the nearby Tacombi at Fonda Nolita. This city loves its food trucks, but even more when it’s a vintage Volkswagon parked inside an industrial garage, with decor to make you feel as though your someplace much more tropical than Manhattan. Still in the brunch hour, I opted for the chorizo and egg breakfast taco, and my friend went with Mexico City’s favorite– the Al Pastor, marinated pork with roasted pineapple.

Al Pastor- Mexico City's favorite taco with marinated pork and roast pineapple

Huevos Con Chorizo Breakfast taco with homemade chorizo, potatoes, eggs and avocado

Homestyle beans flavored with epazote

A side of chips

Land & Flowers

January 8, 2012

My friends and I took advantage of the unseasonably 60 degree sunny January day, and threw a little afternoon roof gathering with some of my favorite Thai food from Land and beautiful floral arrangements done by my friend, Jess. Using an old Pantone book and library books as inspiration, we shot Atlantic baked salmon with bean paste, napa cabbage, snow pea, carrot and caramel soy sauce, caramelized chicken curry puffs, root vegetable egg rolls and satay beef and chicken skewers before chowing down and catching those summer-like sun rays.

Chicken Satay Skewer and Baked Salmon

Baked Salmon

Vegetable Egg roll

Vegetable Egg Rolls

Floral Arrangements

Salmon & Chicken Curry Puffs

Chicken Curry Puffs

Beef & Chicken satay skewers and Vegetable egg roll

‘Tis the Season

December 24, 2011

I’ve been meaning to share these delicious looking brunch shots from a Sunday afternoon spent at Tipsy Parson recently. Tucked in a bay window seat on a cold but sunny Sunday afternoon, a friend and I enjoyed their comfort American menu with a southern flair. If you happen to be around New York for the holidays, I highly recommend stopping in. Closed for the weekend, they re-open on Monday.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday, and I look forward to bringing you some festive feasts I’ll be partaking in throughout the week in Syracuse!

Flaxseed & nut granola, berry compote, berries


Pigs in a Poke-- stone ground grits, andouille sausage, poached eggs, toast soldiers


Side of eggs

Gifts for the Foodie

December 20, 2011

This time of year is always a whirlwind for me. Between holiday prep, recent traveling for work, gift buying and festive gatherings, I haven’t had any time to spare, and am just getting around to sharing some of my favorite gift ideas this season– brought to you by my amazing friend, Leslie. She recently launched Gifts Curated, a collection of carefully handpicked items from independent artists and vendors, ranging from food to body products, candles, bags and more. Last weekend she hosted a brunch and trunk show at her apartment. Not only selling her items, but giving customers a taste of her products and leaving them with inspiring ideas of recipes they could try at home. On the menu was grilled chicken and tofu sandwiches using the spicy pumpkin ginger and tomato apple chutney sauces, popcorn with sea salt, cookies with raw organic cacao chips and her grandmother’s homemade pound cake recipe with caramelized bacon using barrel-aged maple syrup. I also included shots we did for her website of my other favorite products that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. Happy Holiday Shopping! x

Gold rimmed spoon and bowl perfect for olives


Alta Cucina's Basil Olive Oil is perfect dipped in a fresh loaf of Eli's bread


Oil & Bread


Spicy Ginger Sauce and Sandwiches


Saucy By Nature Spicy Pumpkin Ginger & Tomato Apple Chutney


Sandwiches, Pretzels and Saucy By Nature


Popcorn with Salt Farm's gourmet sea salt


Vandalia Street Press Card & Salad


Pancakes with Langdon Wood's Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup


Pound Cake, Bacon and Maple Syrup


Homemade cacao chip cookies


Graham Crackers and cacao chips


JC Hot Sauce


Sydney Hale Company Candle & TM1985 Hand bag


TM1985 Handbag


Aromatherapy bath salts


Annie of Gift Shop Brooklyn makeup bags